League of Legends Euro Championships: Week 2 Preview

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After some surprises during LEC Super Week, what does Week 2 have in store?

G2 Esports team playing LoL

With the LEC Super Week now behind us, we return to a league standing that no one expected. After three opening matches, G2 Esports finds themselves in the slightly strange position of being 1-2 heading into week two. The side dropped matches to both Origen and Vitality, after picking up a day one victory against Mad Lions. G2 suffering defeat, however, has allowed Fnatic and Rogue, both going 3-0 in week one and now sit joint top of the LEC table as we head into week two.

Friday: Fnatic v Mad Lions

First up our one pick for the Friday games sees Fnatic take on Mad Lions. Fnatic go into the series looking like the real deal having gone 3-0 so far. The side looks to have put a lot of the preseason worries to bed, with top laner Bwipo looking as confident as he did when he first burst onto the scene. We have Fnatic as 4/9* favourites to take down Mad Lions on Friday.

It’s worth noting that, had G2 not gone on to lose their next two matches, Mad Lions being 2-1, having lost to just G2 would look like a strong start. The G2 result now makes for a weird loss on Mad Lions split, however, a solid showing against Fnatic  and victory against last-place side Excel would keep up their solid momentum towards playoffs. We have Mad Lions at 17/10 for this match.

Saturday: G2 Fav v Rogue

First place takes on sixth place on Saturday. Whilst we have G2 as 20/51 favourites to beat Rogue, it’s the former and not the latter that finds themselves in sixth. G2 Esports has not had a great start on Super Week, and they will look to bounce back. If G2 Esports come into the Rogue game having lost on Friday, Rogue could easily take the match and plunge G2 into a serious problem — though one we’re pretty sure they’ll bounce back from.

Rogue, go into the weekend 3-0, with a match against Vitality set for Friday, Rogue could well be cruising 4-0 when the Champions G2 come knocking. We have Rogue as 19/10 outsiders, despite their great start, results on Friday could, however, have a massive impact on the mentality of both sides going into the series.

Saturday: Fnatic v Origen

Lastly, on Saturday we have the Game of the Week, as Fnatic take on their old rival Origen. Fnatic goes into the weekend 3-0, and with a victory against Mad Lions on Friday expected (see odds above) Fnatic could end the weekend 5-0, putting themselves in a commanding lead going into playoffs, and ultimately Worlds qualification. We have them at 10/19 favourites for their game against Origen.

Origen showed fans in Super Week what they are capable of with a victory against G2, but defeats against SK Gaming and Misfits will leave fans wanting more. The main strength to come out of week one was Origen top laner Alphari, who continues to make a case for being one of the game’s best top laners. If Origen can work around him they might just pull victory out against Fnatic. Right now, we have them as 29/20 underdogs, but like with G2 v Rogue, Friday’s results could change things.

*All odds correct at time of writing

Main image from LoL Esports flickr

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