LEC Spring Split 2021: Top 4 Picks

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Who will win the LEC Spring Split in 2021?

As we head into the eighth and final week of the LEC, we see each side have three rounds of fixtures as the title race heats up.

Unlike previous weeks when we take four matches and give our odds, this week we’ll look at the four most likely contenders for the top spot. Whilst it would take a miracle for Fnatic or MAD in joint third to end the weekend in first place, given the three-game deficit, it’s still possible. With G2 playing MAD and Fnatic playing Rogue, the top four will be tight, and with SK just one win behind, and with them playing G2 and Rogue, things could all change.

G2 Esports

G2 faces three tough games on their way to sealing the first spot and the first of the three will be the most tricky. With MAD Lions the first up G2 will need to step up. G2 Esports are going for yet another LEC title, I can’t see them dropping a series here, and they should be good value for the win at any price.

Second up sees G2 Esports face fourth-place side SK Gaming, a side looking to make a last-ditched push for the top four spots. With playoffs qualification decided this weekend, SK Gaming will be looking for a scalp against G2, but despite their good run of form, as with the MAD Lions game it’s hard to see anyone getting past them. That said, if G2 Esports can get a victory against MAD they might go into game day two over confident, something we’ve seen them do before. Despite SK Gaming struggling against the top sides, at 3/1 on MansionBet they might just be worth a punt.

Lastly, G2 Esports face off against an Excel side that’s struggled yet again in the LEC, missing out on playoffs this year would make it five in a row. After a promising start, they’ve found themselves eighth place with a 5-10 record and looking out of the playoffs. With G2 Esports at 1/9 and massive favourites, and given that this is the final game of the weekend for G2 Esports, with first place possibly locked in Excel Esports might be worth a go at 5/1, especially if they can win their previous two games.


Rogue starts their weekend how G2 will end it, against an eighth-place Excel Esports side that looks all but out of it. Rogue won’t be looking to go easy on Excel, especially as they need to keep up the pressure on G2 Esports. I mentioned above how Excel Esports might be worth a chance in the final series, however, this game one against Rogue might just be too much for the out of form side. Rogue can be picked up at 1/5 here and would easily be the favourites going into the match.

Rogue’s second match of the weekend is their biggest, with a Fnatic side looking to seal a top-two finish now pushing them. The game will be tight, with fixtures on the Friday no doubt impacting the odds. The previous meeting saw Rogue come away with the victory, and given the two sides placements in the table, Fnatic will need a victory even more so they can go even in the head-to-head, forcing a potential tiebreaker if required. While Fnatic are in third place, they’ve hit a bit of a dip in recent weeks and I think Rogue are obvious favourites at 10/13.

Rogue’s final series is against SK Gaming, a side that went into the weekend in fifth and with a real chance of challenging the top four. While SK Gaming’s weekend starts easy, it ends a lot harder. It’s likely to be 3-0 for Rogue this weekend and despite giving SK Gaming a chance against G2 Esports, Rogue have been mentally stronger, with their losses coming to G2 and a Schalke 04 side that just outplayed them on the day. I think this is a 3-0 weekend for Rogue who you can get at 10/31 for this series. Despite the 3-0, Rogue are likely to end the LEC split in second place pre-playoffs.


Fnatic starts the weekend with a match that could see them eliminate a side from the playoffs right away. With Misfits just two wins behind Fnatic, a victory here could seal Fnatic’s playoff hopes, with the head-to-head favouring them. Fnatic face a big weekend in the LEC, with some top sides above and below them looking to take a scalp. Fnatic will need to start the weekend strong, and I think they’ll have the mental fortitude to take home the victory. You’ll find them at 10/21 on MansionBet to take the first series.

With a Saturday series against Rogue likely to decide Fnatic’s fate, the series against Schalke 04 could be make or break, or a non-contest. Ahead of the weekend, Schalke 04 held onto joint sixth with Misfits, though they needed to make up two wins to catch fifth place with just a one-win buffer over Excel in eighth. A few weeks ago I’d have said Schalke 04 has a chance here, but recent weeks has seen the side struggle, with distractions away from LoL having an impact. I’d give this one to Fnatic at 10/31, especially if Fnatic come into the series with something to play for.

MAD Lions

After facing off against Rogue on Friday, MAD will need to get a win against a weak Astralis side. MAD will need to pick up the victory here if they intend to push, especially given G2 Esports’ likely victory on Friday. It should be an easy prediction that MAD Lions will take the win against an Astralis side that’s looked completely out of it this season. While an underdog victory is always possible, I can’t see MAD Lions, who have something to play for dropping a game against Astralis.

Lastly, MAD Lions face off against Misfits. Going into the weekend of matches Misfits were outsiders to push up the LEC table, given MAD Lions’ harder run-in, this series could be key for both sides. In a series that could easily be a decider series, it’s all going to come down to form. Taking the sides’ previous meetings into account, I think Misfits will take this series, despite being the outsiders they know how to beat MAD Lions and I think it’ll happen again. Check out the LEC page at MansionBet for the latest odds.

*All odds correct at time of writing.

David Hollingsworth has written for games media and esports outlets for the last seven years. His work has appeared in websites such as Esports Insider, ESTNN, Red Bull and Esports News UK. His focus is mostly on League of Legends and World of Warcraft, the latter of which he’s an advisor for with the British Esports Association. David shares his League of Legends betting tips with readers of the MansionBet blog every week.

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