The Biggest Esports Events Still to Come in 2021

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We look ahead at what 2021 still holds in store for fans of esports with a preview of some of the biggest events.

Dota 2 The International trophy

As we approach the mid-way point of 2021, it’s time to look ahead to some of the biggest esports events still to come.

With some massive events already in the bag, esports is certainly not done yet. Esports has started to see the return of LAN events, and with 2021 still having so many major esports tournaments still to come, we can’t wait to see what they offer. In this article, I’ve picked out some of my most anticipated events of 2021 still to come.

League of Legends Worlds 2021

After the success of MSI, many esports fans are already waiting for Worlds 2021. Not only is it one of the most anticipated, but we also know the most about the event. Being held in China in 2021, 24 teams from around the world will compete for a share of £2 million in prize money. The event will be expected to span over a month of games again, providing COVID-19 restrictions don’t dampen the parade.

Easily the highest tier esport on the global scale, LoL still shows no signs of slowing down, with the game itself remaining popular across the globe, LoL also handled the pandemic well, being the most notable LAN esports event.

Valorant Champions 2021

After its first LAN showing in Iceland in May, Valorant esports has kicked it up a gear in 2021. With attention now moving to the end of 2021, Valorant esports is set to have a breakout year, with viewing figures for the final topping 1 million at its peak. With the backing of Riot Games, and a thriving global player base, Valorant has risen up the esports tier list and has firmly cemented itself alongside League of Legends as one of esports’ top attractions.

Call of Duty League Championship 2021

Call of Duty is one of the unique esports events at LAN. Recent online events have taken the teeth out of the action, and CoD will be desperate to get back to LAN. While at the time of writing plans are not in place, we can’t help but dream of the day we see CoD not only back at LAN but returning to the UK for those sweet fan moments.

Unlike most esports, CoD esports (specifically in the UK) has taken on the role of what’s more like a football event (as you can see in the video above). The chanting and fan interaction aren’t as common in esports, with more often than not fans in attendance there to watch a general spectacle, rather than being dedicated fans of a team.

IEM CS:GO Events

It’s been a long time since we felt a true CS:GO event on LAN, and IEM 2021 could finally see the return. Undoubtedly the king of LAN esports right now, IEM CS:GO events are something special. Much like CoD events, IEM events have much better fan interaction than most in esports, especially when events are hosted in Europe or Australia. The next IEM event is on June 3rd, though fans won’t be present just yet.

Intel Extreme Masters Starcraft trophy.

Three more IEM events will take place in 2021. The next is in July with IEM Cologne, followed by IEM Fall in September and IEM Winter in December as the event heads outside of Europe and into China.

DOTA 2 The International

The of the most important events in the esports calendar, The International took 2020 off due to the pandemic, but Valve’s event is back in August 2021 and features what’s expected to be esports’ largest ever prize pool. Currently, at an eye-watering £40 million, The International will be some spectacle when it heads to Stockholm in 2021.

The Stockholm event marks the events first return to Europe since Cologne in 2011, having spent five years in Seattle, before moving to Vancouver and Shanghai. 18 teams will head to Stockholm in August as The International marks its 10th major event, it will be the first esports event at the newly named Avicii Arena.

David Hollingsworth has written for games media and esports outlets for the last seven years. His work has appeared in websites such as Esports Insider, ESTNN, Red Bull and Esports News UK. His focus is mostly on League of Legends and World of Warcraft, the latter of which he’s an advisor for with the British Esports Association. David shares his League of Legends betting tips with readers of the MansionBet blog every week.

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