Football is Uniting Communities to Tackle Coronavirus

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Jose Morinho smiling as Tottenham support those in need versus Coronavirus

During these unprecedented times, many people have come together to support and assist those who need it the most.

Before coronavirus halted all sport, football would often be where a community would come together to support their team and players.

Since then, it has been the football clubs and their players who have reversed the roles and are now supporting their communities.

Here are some of the ways that football is uniting to support their community during the coronavirus outbreak:

Taking Pay Cuts to Support Workers

Birmingham City captain Harlee Dean applauding

It has been well documented over the years about how much footballers now earn, with the typical top-flight player earning millions over the course of their career.

However, with no football being played whatsoever, football clubs are seeing a dramatic reduction in income.

Unfortunately, some lower league players have little choice but to cut their wages in order for their club to survive.

For bigger clubs across the world, cuts in wages aren’t as necessary but many clubs and players are taking proactive action in order to pay their regular staff.

Matchday workers such as hospitality and sales will have no work whilst there is no football and with no set date for football to return, their salaries are essentially zero.

Birmingham City captain Harlee Dean and other high-paid players at the club are taking 50% wage cuts for months to ensure that staff will be paid their normal wages.

On 30th March, Lionel Messi announced players will be taking 70% cuts in their wages and will make contributions to ensure non-sporting staff will be paid.

Donations to Food Banks

Manchester United and City players compete to win the ball

For the most vulnerable in society, their main source of support is through collecting essential items from a food bank.

With demand for these items soaring in recent weeks, food banks have been overwhelmed and not everybody has been able to get what they need.

Manchester City and Manchester United are two fierce rivals on the pitch, but off the pitch they have combined to donated £100,000 to local food banks.

With goods low with fewer donations coming in from the community, the two clubs stepped in to ensure the food banks are well supported.

Jose Mourinho was also pictured volunteering at a food bank in Enfield, delivering food to those unable to leave their homes during the pandemic.

Opening Stadiums for Use of NHS

Outside of Spurs new football stadium

With more and more people being admitted to hospital with more severe symptoms of coronavirus, the NHS is coming under even more strain than usual.

One of the predominant issues is lack of space for hospital beds, however football clubs have chipped in to support the health service.

Tottenham Hotspur have been the most recent club to offer up their stadium should the NHS need it, with areas of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium becoming makeshift hospitals.

One of their car parks is already being used as a storage space by the London Food Alliance.

This follows other Premier League clubs such as Manchester City and Watford who have also offered up the use of their stadiums to the NHS.

Outside of football, Lords Cricket Ground and Wimbledon have also announced they will open up for NHS use during the pandemic.

#FootballUnited Campaign

Social media has been at the centre of new ideas and initiatives to try and support people in recent weeks.

This has also been the case for some Premier League footballers, who have launched the #FootballUnited campaign to raise funds for local communities.

Stars such as Callum Wilson, Hector Bellerin, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Reece James and Andros Townsend have teamed up and hope to raise at least £100,000.

Several of the players have posted images of themselves on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag and have nominated their fellow players to do the same.

The proceeds will be used to assist the elderly and vulnerable during the outbreak.

As of March 31, the donations have reached over £31,000 with Martin Tyler one of the supporters of the cause.

Jordan is a journalism graduate with a background in sports journalism covering football across a number of online publications, who now works in Gibraltar producing content for Mansion.
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