Cheltenham Festival 2021 Gold Cup Sweepstake Kit

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Download your Gold Cup sweepstake 2021 kit for free ahead of the big race this afternoon.

Free Gold Cup 2021 Sweepstake to download

The biggest race of the Cheltenham Festival is almost upon us, and you can join in the fun with your own Gold Cup sweepstake kit.

Just print off the sweepstake kit below, cut out the names of the horses and mix them up. Draw the tickets randomly in the office, or at home, or via a Zoom chat and settle down to enjoy the big race.

You can watch a live stream of the Gold Cup when you are logged into your MansionBet account, or else just tune in on TV. Check out our tips for the Gold Cup to see if your horse stands much of a chance, but remember, with the Gold Cup even the biggest outsider can pull off a surprise.

Here’s your free Gold Cup Sweepstake Kit:

You can decide whether to chip in an amount of cash and pay out the lot to the winner, or divide between the first three finishers.

The 2021 Gold Cup starts at 3:05pm (UK time) on Friday the 19th of March, so don’t miss out!

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