MansionBet Quiz: Name 25 Football Stadiums from Around the World

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The newest MansionBet Quiz asks you to match football stadium names with the team. Best of luck!

Atletico Madrid stadium

Every football fan in the world who has attended a game knows how each stadium has their own specialties, some that make them legendary and stand out above others.

When it comes to names of the stadiums, some are highly imaginative and some are in the form of advertising.

We’ve picked out 25 clubs from across the world and their stadium names, but can you match the club to their correct stadium?

Try out our quiz below – you’re against the clock!

Is your knowledge better on the old-school English stadiums? See if you can name 11 demolished Premier League stadiums.

Our team of experienced sports writers at MansionBet keep you up to date with all the latest stories from around the world.

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