MansionBet Quiz: Every Willie Mullins Cheltenham Win Since 2015

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Willie Mullins is one of the most successful trainers of recent years, but how many of his Cheltenham winners can you remember?

Willie Mullins presents a trophy to a jockey

One of the best trainers around, Willie Mullins has produced plenty of wins at Cheltenham Festival across his training career.

His first win came back in 1995, and his most recent win being the Gold Cup last year in 2020.

Many records have been broken along the way, and many more will continue to be broken in the future.

However, how many of his wins can you remember between 2015 and 2020?

You’ll do well to remember them all… don’t forget about the time limit!

Is your memory of the 2020 Cheltenham Festival better than your Willie Mullins knowledge? Try out our quiz and see if you can remember last year’s winners!

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