MansionBet Quiz: NFL Teams First Round Drafted Players 2021

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MansionBet Quiz: Can you match the NFL teams with their first round drafted players?

NFL Draft stage for 2021

After a virtual draft last year, the 2021 NFL Draft returned to normal and we saw Roger Goodell once again taking to the stage to announce the biggest picks from the draft.

The first round was notable for the high number of quarterbacks, with five being drafted within the first 15 picks.

Six Alabama players were also taken in the first round, showing the strength of their undefeated season, which they ended as national champions.

However, can you match the drafted player from the first round with the team that selected them?

Don’t forget, you’re against the clock… some teams also drafted twice!

Know more about who’s won the Super Bowl since 2000? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

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