MansionBet Quiz: The Big 2020 Sports Quiz

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How much do you remember about the sporting year in 2020? Take our quiz and find out!

La Liga trophy held aloft by the winners

While 2020 hasn’t been the best of years, we still managed to cram in a ton of sports, despite going months without it at one stage.

Record were set and subsequently broken. Surprises were in story for teams and players alike. Some won titles, some will have to wait longer to achieve them.

Even though we lost Euro 2020 and the Olympics, it was still a fantastic year in sport.

From football to athletics to American football, how much do you remember about sport in 2020?

Don’t forget, you’re against the clock!

Now let’s look forward to an event taking place in 2021: the European Championships. Take our quiz and see if you can name every team that has qualified for the Euros.

Our team of experienced sports writers at MansionBet keep you up to date with all the latest stories from around the world.
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