Best of Darren Farley: The Scousers!

Liverpool have finally ended 30 years of hurt with a title win, so what better time than to enjoy some of Darren Farley's best Scouser vids!

Liverpool fan and funnyman Darren Farley does a Rafa Benitez impression

The all-round football funny man Darren Farley always delivers a laugh, and some of his best work is based on people from his manor: Merseyside.

If you’re a Red, like Darren, things have been pretty rosy in recent years. If you’re a Blue, it’s been terrible, and things haven’t been going too well for the Super White Army over on the Wirral of late either.

The region is known for producing greats, and some of it’s football stars are quite the characters.

The 3 Scousers go to the Barbershop

Yeeeeeeeeah course, we might all have taken the great work barbers do for granted prior to lockdown. Carra, Gerrard and Rooney have all pulled up a seat and are waiting for their short back and sides.

However, ol’ Wazza might not be getting what he is expecting.

Jamie Carragher ahead of the Merseyside Derby

He’s an Anfield legend and nobody loves the Merseyside Derby more. It’s been a while since the Toffees last got the better of their Stanley Park neighbours, and Carra knows it, and he might like to rub it in from time to time…

Rafa Benitez – “I won’t let Liverpool win”

Now, hear us out on this one. Rafa is very much an adopted Scouser and in the penultimate game of the 2018/19 Premier League season, Liverpool needed to win at Benitez’s Newcastle to keep their title dreams alive.

It could be said the then Magpies boss was doing all he could to help his old employers happy.

For more classic Darren Farley videos check out his take on The Gaffers!

Darren Farley is the UK’s best football impressionist, and you can see his best videos right here on the MansionBet blog.
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